imageI love milk and all of the wonderful products it can make, especially the edible ones.

I also love goats. They have octopus eyes and in the wild they literally live on edge. In a nutshell they are vegetarian cats on hooves.

This is my backyard dairy goat adventure in South Langley British Columbia. My does Heidi and Winona are the foundation of the herd and each one has their own page detailing kids for sale.

Long live the caprinae!


P.S. ~ I take and post crummy photos.



6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hello Stephanie, Stephanie from Vancouver Island here. With regards to your comment about wild game. Have you tried soaking it in milk for a minimum of 2 hours? It pulls all the blood and game taste out of the meat. Happy cooking!

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  2. Goodness, I’m so glad I found you. I’m going to enjoy following your journey. We’re planning to buy some property in the Texas Hill Country and we’ve discussed having a couple of goats. Your posts will be so helpful. Thank you…… and thanks for checking out the Deerslayer’s Wife

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    1. Thanks deerslayerswife! I dig your name. I wish we lived closer so you could cook my wild game for me! I feel so good physically and mentally when I eat it and I appreciate anyone who can shed some light on the art of cooking with it. Goats are crazy, but they`re worth it.

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  3. Hi Stephanie…I live close by you and if you need any help with your goats, I’ve had goats for 34 years and I could come over and have a chat. Looks like you have fallen in love with goats! Colleen

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